A Corporate Lifestyle shoot with Kat C Zea includes a Headshot you can use for your email or linked-in. Lifestyle Portraits you can use in different environments, “About me” on your website, social media, or any print media. Portraits are more about telling a story, whereas professional headshots are about introducing yourself to your desired audience.


Lighting helps change the narrative of the image. Since a headshot is an introduction to yourself, the lighting here is minimal shadows so that we can create a more pleasant and less dramatic look. On the other hand, portraits can be more creative and straightforward to tell a story about you and the business

Click here for my mood board with posing and outfit inspiration for the modern women and men in business.


Tips for your photoshoot


Prepare for the shoot


  • Familiarize yourself with the shoot


Practice poses in the mirror.

Getting used to having your photo taken is a big help and makes the process of a professional shoot feel much more familiar to you.


Make sure to mention to your photographer any concerns before the headshot or portrait session. If you have a side or pose preference, please let me know about it during the photo session and I will position and light you accordingly.


  • Choose the right clothes


Select an outfit that makes you feel relaxed and confident. Shapers/undergarments are so fun and they are my best friends when I dress up. However, I have had some weird experiences with some undergarments in the past, and I've learned that they might complicate the shoot if they show through, so choose wisely!

Avoid just big white tops with no texture on them, as they might not add definition to your figure. Neutral colors or colors that represent the brand are the best to communicate the right message to the audience. I recommend staying away from busy patterns, logos, and very bright colors--they might look great in person, but on camera, they can be very distracting! Dark, neutral, and cool colors work best. Colors such as grey and blue are great go-to's. This will help bring out the warmth of your skin and is generally flattering.

If you’re not sure what to wear, bring 2-3 different top outfits and I’ll help you decide.


  • Hair & Makeup


A natural look always works best. Keep it simple, clean, and professional. Also, don’t worry about small blemishes, skin redness, etc. We’ll take care of it.
Fun fact / Color palette Make-up tip for the ladies, check the veins on your wrist! you may be able to use their color to identify your undertone. For example, if your veins look greenish, then you may have warm undertones. People with blue or purplish-looking veins usually have cooler undertones. If you have neutral undertones, then your veins may appear colorless or match the color of your skin. --Make sure you pair your lipstick/eye shadow to your undertone. but keep in mind, a natural make-up look never gets old


Visualize a great result


  • Know your audience


Beforehand, think about the ideal way you’d like your photo to look. Decide what the perfect result for you would be – check out other people’s business headshots if it helps. Then visualize this outcome while you’re in front of the camera.

Know where your business headshot or portrait will be used. What do you want them to feel or see just by looking at your image?


Think about a mood and message you want to convey. It helps to come up with three words to fit into your professional headshot. An example could be “Approachable. Friendly. Trustworthy.”


  • Mood boards & Corporate business headshot standards.


Feel free to put a little headshot and portrait inspiration board together and email it to me. It’s always best to share with the photographer as it helps visualize an idea of what light, background, and environment you’re leaning towards for the Portrait session.


  • Pre-session consultation” via email or on the phone.


A consultation will allow you to help them prepare for the session.


At the Session


Very small changes separate a great headshot from an average one. Some little adjustments can make all the difference. The slight tilt to the head, leaning forward, a gentle but intriguing smile. Sometimes I will make very specific changes to your expression and position until we get the image we’re looking for.


I will guide you through the photo shoot to make you look your best. All I need is for you to engage with the process, think it through beforehand, and take note of these Corporate Headshot tips – they’ll make all the difference to the end result.


For a free estimate or to schedule a customized business headshot or portrait session, use this contact form.



Our mission is to keep your content up to date so that your community gets familiarized with your brand and your message while we make you look at your best.

How it works

Our editing professionals use advanced flash techniques and layering photos through photoshop rather than computer-coded retouching. (No, Snapchat filters won't look good on your profile linked-in)


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Select a package that suits your needs. (Our most popular is the 'On-Location Corporate Portrait Session' includes 15 images and a headshot


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You will receive a confirmation email. Media services are delivered via a gallery link 3-5 business days after the shoot.







"Where to even begin!? KAT IS SUPER AMAZING. There is really no one quite like her. She's so creative and so darn good at her job!! Her attention to detail is incomparable. Her ability to make you feel at ease while taking your photo is super reassuring. SHE IS LITERALLY THE GREATEST PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE (& trust me we've worked with many). No one has the same service, quality, and kindness as Kat. To say she goes above and beyond doesn't even do her justice. :)"

-Evelyn Duarte



"Kat provided amazing service! She took my grad photos & I loved them so much. She put so much effort into giving me the results I wanted, including work with me for longer than I expected. She is so friendly and sweet too, a perfect photographer. I would recommend her again and again because not only does she take great pictures and put her all into them, but she also is just really good vibes! 😄"

-Chinenye Nwume



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"Working with Kat was a dream. She handled our corporate photoshoot and a personal event of mine . Her professionalism, along with a great character and an incredible skillset are a perfect match for anything you would want. Could not recommend her more and already looking forward to collaborating on more projects."

- Katarina Jozwiak



Katherine went above and beyond for our projects. She communicates very well and provides suggestions to best fit our needs. Looking forward to working on the next project with her.

- Guillermo D



Positive: Professionalism

"SHE IS AMAZING, WARM, PROFESSIONAL AND MAKES YOU FEEL SO COMFORTABLE! She have led several projects of mine and I trust her with my eyes closed. Will a 1000% recommend her if you’re are looking for a great photography experience!"

-Lucia Bracho