Welcome, I'm Kat


“No matter how slow the film,  Spirit always stands still
long enough for the photographer It has chosen.”
– Minor White


Capture the best with photos that tell your storyMy intention is to make sure your final pictures take you back to that brief moment in your memories, all the love. I am a hopeless romantic, when editing you could hear me singing along to the radio! I feel that Nature, Music, and Art intertwine, much of my inspiration is drawn from that. When one looks at a picture we hear Music, we see Beauty, we feel Love.

I was 12 when my parents first noticed my affinity for visual arts seeing me edit family photos and videos with software like the Adobe Collection. I was the one in my family to make any kind of crafts, and I brought that creativity to school with me as well.

It all started with a present from my father, a Yashica FX-3000 film camera. This well-remembered gift would inspire me to take film classes. Making those precise mixtures of the developer for the perfect exposure was such an adventure for me. With just a semester’s experience, I won 1st prize in mixed media in a visual communication contest.

One summer I decided to help at a local church directing the cameras for the online Sunday services for their creative team. I applied all my techniques developed in school and experimenting on my father’s laptop. The church donated my first Digital DSLR. I could finally see how my pictures looked on black screen, and it was amazing!

My love affair with the visual arts would continue in college where I furthered my study of concepts like composition, perspective, form, balance, and fidelity. These would be the keys to my art. It is how I visualize every single photograph I take at a wedding or a corporate event.

At 19 I took an opportunity to work for a Chicago studio, and I don’t regret it (even though the commute was an hour-long bike ride!). Being an old-school studio, I was afforded the chance to learn many advanced printing techniques, as well as framing, laminating, album composition, and the mounting of actual albums! After four years with the studio, I was tasked to be the main photographer at a day-long event. That day gave me the confidence to roll my dice and continue this adventure in the art world alone.

It's been a long journey but I never stop in the development of my craft. I acquired a digital photography certificate after college, and continue taking classes every month, as well as yearly workshops to advance in digital photography. I have the gear and lighting set-up for every occasion and continue all my Photoshop experiments, an avenue for my creativity. My training and devotion to this art that I love, let me bring a fantasy to film.

Are you an entrepreneur or hosting an event? I plan to capture your memories as beautifully as I possibly can. I am that hopeless romantic, and I want to know all about your story, let's grab a coffee downtown, and let me be part of it.

About Kat C Zea

Kat C Zea Photography is a modern, magazine cover-inspired photoshoot for everyday women and men of all ages and people who love them. With me you get both; a competent photographer that experiments with different lighting techniques and perspectives for that initial composition, as well as a creative editor/retoucher. Whether your style is soft and ethereal, romantic, or moody and dramatic. We make sure that with gentle guidance we capture your essence. With me, you get both; a competent photographer for that initial composition, as well as a creative editor/retoucher.

Social Events, Family, Wedding & Engagement, Life Style, and Portraiture Photography based in Los Angeles, California.